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China Success Finance Group Holdings Limited(stock code: 3623.HK) is the first financial guarantee service provider in China to be listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

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  • Success Guarantee was rated as "AA" credit unit
  • Success Financial Leasing smoothly moved to Foshan and changed its name to "Foshan Success Financial Leasing Company Limited".
  • GNW Capital Limited was established to develop and sell intelligent energy storage systems.
  • Success Guarantee was assessed as "Guangdong Financial Guarantee Company Supervisory Rating B" in 2022.
  • the 10th anniversary of the listing of China Success Finance Group Holdings Limited on the Main Board of Hong Kong.
  • Success Guarantee won the A-level financial innovation development team
  • Success Guarantee was rated as "AA" credit unit
  • Yangmianshan Limited was included in the “National Pig Production Capacity Control Base List” by the Agriculture and Rural Department of Guangdong Province.
  • The convertible bond was converted by the creditors into shares of HK$10 million, corresponding to allotment of 9,174,312 shares. The company has returned all the interest-bearing notes and extended the term of the convertible bond to January 31, 2022
  • Success Guarantee was rated as "AA" credit unit
  • Success Guarantee Becomes One of the First Three Cooperative Guarantee Institutions of Foshan Financing Guarantee Fund
  • Success Guarantee Successfully Renews the License for Financing and Guarantee Business Operation
  • The convertible bond was converted by the creditors into shares of HK$10 million, corresponding to allotment of 9,174,312 shares
  • Success Guarantee was awarded the major taxpayer of 2020 in Chancheng District, Foshan City
  • Repaid principal amount of the convertible bonds of HK$10 million, adjusting to issue of convertible bonds of HK$84 million and interest-bearing notes of HK$60 million
  • Established Foshan Success Technology Company Limited
  • Mr. Li Bin appointed as CEO
  • Issued a convertible bond with a principal amount of HK$154 million under the general mandate, raising more than HK$150 million
  • Actively developed financial technology business, cooperated with reputable and sizable platforms and made good use of internet technology, in order to extend the scope of guarantee business to the whole country
  • Repurchased company shares from May to October
  • Success Guarantee was rated as "AA" credit unit
  • To clearly and accurately reflect the strategic positioning of the listed Group, the Company’s Chinese name was changed to “中國金融發展(控股)有限公司”; the Group’s transformation to “Greater Bay Area Finance Services Provider” which provides integrated and professional finance services to the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area will be driven by the momentums inside and outside the territory
  • The controlling shareholder increased shareholding of the Company in the market
  • Started the “Enterprise Rejuvenation Project of Foshan City” participated by the government, banks, institutions and enterprises.
  • The registered capital of Success Asset reached RMB 170 million for asset management and fund operation
  • Foshan Guangda Asset Management Company Limited (“Guangda Asset Management”)was established to drive new asset management business development
  • Ms. Fu Jie was appointed as Group CEO
  • China Success Finance Group Holdings Limited was established and a Hong Kong team of investment and financing professional was built
  • Placing of 55,000,000 shares with net proceeds of approximately HK$108,900,000
  • With strategic business layout of the Group’s investment and acquisition business, the registered capital of Number One Fund reached RMB500 million
  • The registered capital of Success Leasing reached USD50 million
  • Joined hands with local government to invest in and establish PPP platform company Foshan City Fo Ying Shun Yang Construction Engineering Company Limited (“Fo Ying Shun Yang”)
  • Trial in individual consumption credit business
  • Explore feasibility of electronic commerce supply chain
  • Guangzhou Hengsheng Fund Management Company Limited was established and the approval of filing of qualification of private equity fund manager was granted
  • Shenzhen Qianhai Success Housing Wealth Management Limited (“Success Housing”) and Foshan Success Financial Services Outsourcing Limited (“Success Finance Services”) were established to tap into individual consumption business with housing finance
  • Placing of 60,000,000 shares with net proceeds of approximately HK$158,712,000
  • Shenzhen Success Number One Equity Investment Fund (limited partnership) (“Number One Fund”) was set up to drive the Group’s “Success +”mergers, acquisitions and restructure strategies development
  • Success Guarantee was awarded as “Grand Pioneer Institution of China Guarantee “and “Pilot 100 Youth Leading Enterprise”
  • Success Loan was awarded numerous prizes such as “Five-star Microcredit Enterprise Award” and “Most Influential Inclusive Finance Service Provider in China”
  • The name of Foshan Success Capital Management Company Limited was officially changed to Guangdong Success Asset Management Co. Ltd.(“Success Asset”)
  • Hong Kong office was set up to officially take root in Hong Kong and face international market
  • Two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Shenzhen Success Finance Leasing Company Limited (“Success Leasing”) and Shenzhen Success Equity Investment Fund Management Company Limited (“Success Fund”) were set up in Qianhai cooperation zone, to gradually develop into diversified and integrated finance group consisting of asset management, finance guarantee, petty loan, finance leasing and equity investment etc.
  • The registered capital of Success Guarantee reached RMB330 million to improve the credit enhancement capability of the Group
  • Equity interests in Success Micro Credit increased to 27.28%
  • The registered capital of Success Loan reached RMB250 million and awarded as “Most Trusted Small and Micro Enterprises Finance Services Provider”
  • The Group was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on November 13 with stock code 03623.HK, receiving positive market response with over-subscription of 21 times, PE 17.82, opening price of HK$2.68 per share and capital raised of more than HK$300,000,000
  • Success Loan was awarded numerous prizes such as “China Small and Micro Enterprises Finance Best Product Design Award”, “China Small and Micro Enterprises Finance Best Innovative Contribution Award” and “Top 100 Most Competitive Chinese Microcredit Enterprises”

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Audit committee

The audit committee of our Company was established on 18 October 2013 with written terms of reference in compliance with the Listing Rules. The existing members of the audit committee include Mr. Tsang Hung Kei, Mr. Au Tien Chee Arthur and Mr. ZHOU Xiaojiang, all of which are independent non-executive directors. Mr. Tsang Hung Kei is the chairman of the audit committee.

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