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China Success Financial joined hands with China Great Wall Asset
Innovatively Developing Asset Management Business
Comprehensively Enhancing Competitiveness

(5 April 2017, Hong Kong)China Success Financial Group Holdings Limited (“China Success Finance” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries the “Group”, stock code: 3623.HK) is pleased to announce that a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held between the Company and China Great Wall Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“China Great Wall Asset”) on 30 March 2017.

Recently, many media in China, including newspaper, online media and we media such as Guangdong Radio & Television Station, Foshan TV Station, Foshan News, Nanfang Daily, Zhujiang Commercial Daily, Shunde News, Sohu Finance, Foshan Daily, reported this overwhelming news within the financial sector. News titled as “Government joined hands with local private enterprise, showing opportunities for private enterprises in Foshan” produced by Guangdong Radio & Television Station recorded 30,000 hit rate after published for 2 hours and the hit rate rapidly reached 100,000 and above consequently. Media in China paid much attention and showed positive feedback on the agreement signing ceremony.

According to the agreement, both parties reached many specific cooperation intentions in comprehensive business areas, including mutual strategic investments, cooperative operation and disposal of non-performance assets, conducting asset management business, sharing customers and projects resources; realizing specific project cooperation in new business areas that the Group intends to develop vigorously such as urban construction funds, investment-loan linkage funds, real estate finance; achieving mutual benefit and collaboration in bank, securities, insurance, trust, financial leasing, financial consultancy and investment bank businesses; exploring jointly initiation and establishment of urban infrastructure construction fund and public fund management company; and China Great Wall Asset’s overall financing support on the Group.

China Great Wall Asset is one of the top four state-owned asset management companies in the PRC, with registered capital of RMB43.15 bullion, which was jointly established by the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China, the National Council for Social Security Fund and China Life Insurance(Group) Company. Since its establishment, China Great Wall Asset successively acquired, managed and disposed of the non-performing assets amounting to more than RMB1 trillion, and could provide full-licensed comprehensive financial service including bank, securities and insurance, which was one of the top financial holding group in the PRC.

Mr. Zhang Tiewai, the Chairman of China Success Finance said, “China Great Wall Asset possesses all-finance license platform, capital scale strength, specific financial assets resources and business network throughout the country, while the Group possesses many quality enterprises and project resources, outstanding financial innovation ability, well-established financial products and business mode and leading investment management level. With their respective resources and strengths, it will be mutually beneficial and complementary for both parties to realize cooperation and innovation, create new and effective development mode in the PRC finance industry, and bring a major development opportunity for the Group.”

In 2016, the Group upheld its strategies of stable development with innovation, and adapted to the new norms of economic development and adjusted the business structure with flexibility. During the period, the Group strived to stabilize its inclusive finance segment. Factoring qualification was filed and several deals on factoring financing business were successfully completed. Meanwhile, pushing forward the mergers, acquisitions and restructure strategies, China Success Finance invested in and established Guangzhou Rongdacheng Technology Services Company Limited (廣州融達成資訊技術服務有限公司) and Foshan City Fo Ying Shun Yang Construction Engineering Company Limited(佛山市佛盈順洋建築工程有限公司), a municipal construction service provider to expanding market share in consumer finance and industrial finance sectors. In respect of real estate financing, the Group has started to develop mortgage service and funding service during the year. In the past one year, the Group’s new business layout has gradually formed. In 2016, the Group’s revenue increased by 24.4% to approximately RMB90.3 million. Profits for the year attributable to owners of the Company was RMB19.0 million. China Success Finance has made satisfactory progress on business development and hence proposed the distribution of a final dividend of HK$0.02 per share for rewarding the shareholders’ support.

Mr. Zhang mentioned, “2017 is a year of re-start to the Group! The Company proposes to change its Chinese name to “中國金融發展 (控股) 有限公司”, which symoblised our strategic transformation. We will put efforts in the following four aspects in accordance with economic development trend and guidance of national policies: facilitating stable development of conventional business, innovatively developing asset management, proactively promoting mergers and acquisitions and enhancing cooperation mechanism. Leveraging the strong business foundation in Guangdong and Foshan area, we will further expand our business to the Pearl River Delta region and in long term scatter our diverse and integrated financial business across the country. In the coming year, the Group will step up its effort in its business development in Hong Kong and plans to obtain an asset management license from the Hong Kong Securities and Future Commission through acquisition, with a view to kickstarting the new year with internationalisation strategy.”

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About China Success Financial Group Holdings Limited

China Success Financial Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 3623.HK) is the first financial guarantee service provider in China to be listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. With a clear vision to succeed and a mission to serve the community, the Group now has developed a diversified and comprehensive portfolio of financial services. Leveraging our solid foundation and competitive advantages, the Group maintained a leading position in Guangzhou and Foshan. With strategic planning, the Group has developed into a diversified integrated financial service provider. Its financial services not only comprise guarantee business, which is its traditional business since its listing, but has also diversified into various segments, including guarantee, financial consultancy services, financial leasing services, micro credit, equity investment and real estate finance.

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